How to Become a Professional Gambler?

With the rise of gambling, sports competitions and the internet, the number of bettors has skyrocketed. Today, it is possible to make it your main activity and therefore to live from it.

If you want to do the same, we give you all the conditions and procedures necessary to become a professional bettor. From the qualities necessary for legal procedures to the beginnings, this job will no longer hold any secrets for you!

The qualities of a professional bettor

Before claiming profession of professional bettor, there are certain qualities and personal aptitudes to have. Thus, in order to succeed in his career, a professional bettor must:

  • ifhave a minimum interest in the sport or activity for which he makes his bets: he can then make his own forecasts thanks to his observations and his knowledge of the sport in question.
  • Be patient, persevering and rigorous : this is necessary for the long hours of solitary work, but also to avoid giving in to the panic and stress that this job causes.
  • get there know in numbers (statistics and probabilities) to establish good forecasts calculated on the basis of concrete figures and to establish probabilities.

How to start as a professional bettor?

Before formalizing your activity as a professional bettor, you will need to reassure yourself that you are comfortable enough with it to be able to really make a living from it. To do this, it is necessary to take a few steps there, to gently adapt to the big leagues.

Choose an effective prognostic method

If you know yourself well enough in the activity you are betting on, you can rely on your own predictions. Otherwise, turn to professional forecasters or “tipsters” whose role is to sell their forecasts, in order to use them to make your bets.

You can also search for ” Value Betting “, which are bets on results whose odds have been overvalued by the bookmaker (the one who takes the bets). Finding Value Bets and betting on them can be great ways to win big wins, as they often pay out more.

Plan a bankroll

The ” bankroll refers to the money reserved for sports betting. It is very important to separate money provided for your daily needs so as not to impact your lifestyle. You can also choose to bet only part of it so that you can bet several times.

Be meticulous

Do them statements of your losses and gains, to find out if the bets are really profitable or not. Check on different bookmaker websites in order to compare the bets offered and increase your chances of winning.

The legal steps to become a professional bettor

The income of professional bettors are taxable. This is why it is necessary to legalize and declare your activity in order to know the legal terms on the basis of which these taxes and other taxes will be levied.

So you can choose the Micro Enterprise status with an APE 93.19Z codethe classic sole proprietorship status, or the status of Single-member company (SASU or EURL). They all offer different tax regimes and social coverage. It will then be up to you to choose the appropriate legal status.

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