What Strategies to Win at Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most famous casino games and players are constantly developing or copying strategies in order to win the bets. If you too want to do the same and discover the best strategies to win at Black Jack, you just have to read on. We will help you master the basic strategy of Black Jack, then the other strategies.

Mastering Basic Blackjack Strategy

The object of blackjack is to exceed the value of the dealer’s cards the most possible without however exceeding 21. To win at Black Jack it is essential to Mastering the Blackjack Odds Table whose simple rules are however difficult to remember. This is why we present them in a simplified way.

To start, never take insurance. Stay in the game if you have a hand of 17 or more, if you get a pair of 10s, or if your hand consists of an Ace and an 8 or 10. If your hand value is between 5 and 8, draw a card. If you have a pair made up of cards higher than 8, make a Split.

It is true that said like that it is very simple, but it is necessary to improve your game of know the complete basic strategy with its probability table. For this, you can play with it during your online games to get more practice.

card counting strategy

Apart from the original strategy, professional players have developed other techniques to beat the dealer at its own game. The only downside of this strategy is that it can only be used during live casino games, so it is incompatible with online blackjack software.

The principle is to determine your chances of winning using the values ​​assigned to each card drawn. To do this, proceed as follows: cards from 2 to 6 are assigned the value 1, cards 7,8,9 are worth 0 points and cards from 10 to Ace are worth -1. At each draw, the values ​​of the cards are used to know if it is possible to win and to adapt the strategy.

  • If the total is less than 0, it means that the high cards have been played
  • If the total is equal to 0, it means that the chances of the player and the dealer to win are equal
  • If the total of the values ​​is greater than 0, it means that you still have a large number of high cards

The blind game

In most cases, the dealer who already masters the basic strategy well stops at 17 in the total value of his cards. The principle would then be to do the same and do everything to never exceed 17 in total cards. However, this strategy is very risky because the dealer almost never goes over 21, which could cause a tie and therefore a loss.

The best way for be sure to win at blackjack is totrain regularlyt and gradually, from master basic strategy and of bet money at your fingertips.

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