How to make Predictions for Formula 1 bets?

Are you interested in Formula 1 betting, but it’s not always easy to make the right predictions? To help you win more bets, here we offer some very interesting tips and techniques to make good predictions. For example, you will understand the importance of mastering the workings of the circuits and behind the scenes of Formula 1 races.

Take into account the technical and sports teams (stables) of the drivers

Formula 1 racer in circuit racing passing in front of his pit

Sports and technical teams play a very big role in the performance of conductors on the circuit. While the sports team takes care of the physical and mental preparation of the driver, the technical team deals with the construction and maintenance of the automobiles.

In order to put better luck on your side, learn about the recent and past statistics of the stables. You will need to know their number of victories and their evolution in previous years. Also find out about the driving style pilots and their performance. Likewise, it is essential to know the engines used for autos, to get a general overview of their capabilities.

Find out about the circuit concerned

The Formula 1 racing circuits are very different and are classified according to certain criteria because they do not always offer the same conditions. You as a bettor, before establishing a prognosis, you will have to find out about these specificities which are:

  • The length of the track
  • The weather conditions of the region where the race takes place
  • The possibilities of overtaking offered by the race circuit

Once this information is known, it will be easier to determine favorites knowing that a track may suit one rider better than another.

Follow the news of Formula 1

Formula 1 redbull racing on the circuit

He is strongly not recommended to invest sums of money on projects whose operation and changes we do not control. For formula 1 bets it’s the same. Before making a prediction with a view to making bets, you must be aware of the changes underway and to be expected in the world of Formula 1.

There are many sites through which you can keep up to date with Formula 1 news. Subscribe to one or more of them to receive all the exclusive information. You will thus be made aware of the status of the drivers, the teams, the changes to come within them and other useful information. It would also be interesting to consult the opinion of specialists and other industry players.

Being attentive to the circumstances surrounding an F1 race

For example, you will have to focus on the preparation of teams and drivers for competitions. The results of the last races, including the qualifying and test races, also count thanks to the classifications of the latter.

Also assess the atmosphere within the competitors’ preparation teams, as well as in their lives to detect the slightest element that could destabilize their race, before making your bet.

Consider expert opinions

After you be make your own opinion about racing, find out what consultants and analysts think. Take into account their explanations, comments and notes given on upcoming races.

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