How to properly use Winamax’s Cash Out function?

Make bets? Why not, but let’s not forget that they carry great risks. And it is to reduce them that the Winamax online betting platform has integrated the “Cash Out” function into its site.

If you are interested in it and want to master its use, we urge you to read this article till the end. We’ll tell you everything there is to know about Winamax Cash Out, as well as the ‘Bet Change’ feature.

What is Winamax Cash Out?

the Cash Out is a feature that allows resell all or part of a bet placed in a bet in the event that it does not go as planned. Thereafter you can withdraw a sum of money which will depend on your initial bet and the bookmaker. Cash Outs are available for single bets and combination bets.

Cash Out can therefore be considered as a guarantee on your bet which will allow you to save a good part of the stakes injected on the Winamax website.

How does Winamax Cash Out work?

To find out if a bet made is eligible for Cash Out, just click the Cash Out button in your shopping cart. Then choose the amount you want to resell on your initial bet via the slider that appears below it. You can then decide to sell all your bet or withdraw just a part of it.

Once the operation has been validated, the amount at which your bet was sold is paid directly into your Winamax account.

Example of using Cash Out

For you to better understand theusefulness of the Cash Out optionwe will take a fairly simple example.

Imagine a Champions League game Real Madrid against Bayern Munich and Bayern playing at home. You have bet €100 at odds of 2.5 for Bayern Munich to win. Except, you see the trend of the game and it’s clear that Real Madrid are leading the game. You then decide to go to the basket and check if you can still sell some of your bet.

You cash out half of your bet, i.e. €50, with the hope that Bayern will recover and you get the amount offered by the application. If Bayern still win the match, you will win €125 in addition to the amount collected earlier.

How to complete a bet on Winamax?

This option also allowsadd new selections to your single or combined bets. Your initial bet odds will be added to the odds of the bet added to form the new odds for your final bet. For example, you can choose to bet on a 4th game instead of three. Or to give the exact score of a match, or to bet on a draw.

The procedure on the site is simple, just enter the “My bets” section, then “In progress” to select the current bet. Click on the “Complete my bet” button to add free and validate the chosen selections.

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