How to win for sure at Blackjack?

Blackjack is a great fun game, but it’s even more so when it wins. Fortunately, there are very effective tricks that will make you win big at this game. In order to improve your game at Black Jack and make you win every time, follow this guide where a small review of the rules and effective strategies await you .

Master the basic rules of Blackjack

It is important to clarify that it is impossible to win every time at Black Jack. It is a game of chance and in this type of game, it is first luck that comes into play in victory. However, it is possible to have your back with a good mastery of the rules and the knowledge of little pro tips.

Strategy with a soft hand

If you have a higher combination of 10 or 11 than the dealer, then Double the bet; Stand when you are at 18. If you have a soft hand including an Ace counted as 1, Stand with a total combination of 17 or more. With a combination of cards ranging from 12 to 16 and a card with a value of 7 at the dealer, draw a new card.

For a soft hand with an Ace counted as 11, Hit with a total of 17 or less and Stand with a total of 18 or more.

Strategy for a stiff hand

If you have 8 points or less Hit a card, for 9 points Double your bet but, if the dealer has more than 7, Hit. If you have 10 points and the dealer has 2 to 9 points Double up and if not, Draw a card. For 11 points do the same if he has 2 to 10 points, but if he has an Ace, Draw a card.

In case the dealer has 4 to 6 points and you have 12, Stand, but Hit a card if he has more or less points than this range. Also stop if you have 13 to 16 points and he 2 to 6 points, otherwise Shoot. Finally, always stop at 17 to 21 points.

How to Play Blackjack Online?

Some additional tips

Here are a few more strategies that will help you improve your game and turn the odds in your favor.

The conservative strategy

Games of chance are not just a succession of victories or defeats, luck always ends up turning. If you are a new player and you are afraid of big bets, apply this simple technique: Double your bets only when you win and increase your winnings little by little.

The Martingale Strategy

It is quite risky, because it consists of doubling the bet for each lost spin. To apply it you must have a considerable starting bankroll and master the technique. So when you win, the winnings will be very large from the stake and once your starting winnings are recovered, you will have to stop.

1-3-2-6 betting system

Apply this betting system after a win and stop it as soon as you lose. It consists of multiplying your initial bet by 1, then by 3, by 2 and finally by 6.

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