How to Choose a Slot Machine?

Many people who are used to casinos or not, believe that only luck can win winnings at slot machines. It is true that the luck factor plays a big role, but the choice of machine can also be decisive if you know how to do it. If this is not your case, we invite you to follow us to know the characteristics of a slot machine that will make you win more winnings.

Choose slots with high RTP and payouts

the RTP or Return To Player is the payout rate of slot machines. This is basically the percentage that you will receive back from the slot machine for each round of betting. This is a very important element to take into account, because it determines your chances of making money when playing slot machines.

In general, the RTP varies between 92 and 97%it is therefore advisable to always choose machines with an RTP above 95 %. Especially since nowadays, casinos make this type of information available to their customers. You just have to go to the casino websites and check for yourself, or find out locally.

Prefer those with low volatility

Also called “variance” in poker, volatility is another feature to check in choosing a winning slot machine. This is the level of risk you are taking by betting your money on a slot machines. This is explained by the fact that it is thanks to her that the amount and frequency of the potential money won are determined.

Thus, slot machines high volatility and therefore high risk very rarely win, although their earnings are very substantial. If you want to keep your money for a long time, it is therefore preferable to play with a low volatility machine. Couple that with a bit of luck, and you can rack up a great amount of winnings.

Avoid the big brands of slot machines

Most of us like big names, big brands because of their fame. With slot machines from famous brands, it’s the same. They are often very animated and feature illustrations of our favorite characters, with very attractive effects and high starting stakes in “big player” mode. With all this, you may think that the payments will be substantial? Well, you are wrong.

Because, precisely, all these artifices are made on purpose to attract you and make you bet large sums with often very low RTPs. These brands invest large sums in order to obtain the rights to famous characters and certain fashionable sounds. It is therefore obvious that they can not let win so easily!

Prefer less famous slot machines

This is roughly the same principle as the one above. Whether in physical or online casinos, the most lucrative machines for owners will always be in the spotlight. It’s up to you to look for others to hope to earn more.

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