What are the FDJ Scratch Games?

Scratch card games enjoy an undisputed reputation. They also represent for some a way to make money without providing too much effort. If you are of the opinion and would like to know the scratch games available to you, discover here the scratch games of La Française Des Jeux. From Millionaire to Black Jack to Monopoly, there is something for everyone.

Heritage Mission 2022

With a bet of €15, play mini-games to win up to €1,500,000.


Bet €10 and become a Millionaire!

Mega goal

Three possibilities to win €750,000 thanks to this special football ticket…

Mega Crossword

Do words bring you luck? So buy this ticket and find them to win €600,000

Ace of hearts

For €5, scratch the right card and win €500,000 or less!


Will you come across the “× 20” bundle?


Bet a €5 ticket to find the winning numbers and pocket the jackpot!

Double Hit

Two mini scratch games to win €500,000


To win the €500,000 jackpot, simply scratch off the winning numbers!


Win €300,000 in max prize money by landing in the right areas!

Home Goal

“€3,000 per month for 10 years or €250,000 immediately? will be the decision to make if you find the winning symbols.

The big wheel

With a €3 ticket and a scratch wheel, win €250,000!


A Monopoly style scratch card, to maybe win big!

Maxi Crossword

The return of the Crosswords, but with a few tickets less!


With €2, accumulate the winnings of your winning numbers and win €200,000!


5 €3 mini casino games to win up to €50,000.


Try to beat the bank to pocket €40,000


A third wave of Crosswords to earn a little more.

Maxi Goal

Match the symbols and beat your opponent to win €40,000!

The 3 in 1

Match the correct numbers and symbol to win!

Holiday route

3 holiday games with €30,000 at stake

jungle of mysteries

€3 bet and a bonus to multiply your winnings.


Scratch the numbers under the diamonds to get the €25,000


Will your sign bring you luck?


Scratch the “×10” bundle to get the maximum gain…

Golden Luck

4 mini games around luck for a gain of €20,000

Illiko Lucky Pass

Coordinates that pay off!


Scratch the boxes indicated and win!


Find the same amount in the scratch boxes and pocket them.

Lucky Number and Lucky Number 13

2 games, the same principle, the same gain, but different numbers to find.

Tic Tac Toe

If you find three “O” or three “X” lined up you win €500

Super 10 or 200

Several prizes of 10 or 200 € to be won.

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