What are the 3 biggest casino groups in Brazil?

Having been subject to controversy for many years and even until today, casino games continue to occupy the minds of the Brazilian people. Also, many casinos, whether virtual or physical continue to be born and the game becomes tighter. Which are the biggest?

To answer this question, reviews were selected and filtered. Here is for you our selection of the 3 largest casino groups in Brazil.

1. Joquei club

Picturesque building with conservative architecture, the Joquei club counts for many, among the 7 wonders of the Campinas region in Brazil. The attractions are as numerous inside as outside and are almost unanimous in the opinions collected. It is also popular because of the quality photos that can be taken there.

Note that the Joquei club is located in the city center district and its address is: Praca Antonio, Pompeu s/n Centro, Campinas, State of Sao Paulo 13010-170 Brazil. Above all, not to be confused with the different Jockey Club riding races.

2. Club 2000

Located in the Cascavel area (more precisely at Rua Carlos de Carvallo 4172, Cascavel, State of Paraná 85810-080 Brazil), clube 2000 is the ideal casino for you who like to take a breather while you you relax at play. It is as large inside as it is outside, which allows you to park without hassle and above all without any additional costs. The environment is festive and the attention is marked by the consideration of people in couple in the organization.

3. Jaguar poker club

It obtains the note of 4/5 on all the opinions collected, and it is not for nothing. The Jaguar poker club, in addition to being a dynamic gaming space, is full of many advantages: its staff is welcoming, the styles of poker play are varied, its geographical location is reassuring and the place is privileged.

In addition, the proximity to bars and restaurants gives you the opportunity to take a break between two parties. However, the undefined age limit at the entrance represents a major weak point in terms of the safety of the youngest.

The Jaguar poker clube is located in the Jaguariuna region, and its address is: Rua Egas Bueno 496, Jaguariuna, State of Sao Paulo 13820-000 Brazil.

Good to know

If the casino spaces can remain on Brazilian land, it is nevertheless necessary to fulfill a number of requirements in order to be protected from unpleasant surprises. Since casino games are games of chance, 20% of what they produce must be donated to the Brazilian state each year, according to members of congress.

Contrary to popular belief, poker, which is the main game in casinos, is not a game of chance like any other. It requires the combination of several intellectual capacities and then enjoys a highlight compared to other games. Thus, it is the subject of several international competitions and tournaments.

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