What are the 3 largest casino groups in the United States?

The gaming industry is a very popular industry in the world at large. In the United States, casinos occupy a large place in this industry, since there are no less than 900 casinos, with more than 120 in the city of Las Vegas alone. Do you want to know more about this area, even more about the groups that made their fortune in casinos? Here are for you the 3 largest casino groups in the United States.

The MGM Resorts International Group

It is one of the leaders in the entertainment industry. He is known for owning and operating many casinos, including some of the most majestic in the city of Las Vegas. These include the Bellagio, the MGM Grand Las Vegas, the Mirage, etc. 50% of their operations are reserved for casinos with more than 2,000 gaming tables and 34,546 slot machines. The company employs approximately 59,000 people.

The Las Vegas-MGM Grand Casino owned by MGM Resorts International

The MGM company began its activity in the years 87 known at that time under the name of MGM Grand, Inc.. After acquiring the Mirage Resort group, it becomes MGM Mirage. She made a gigantic profit in the gaming industry. It also expanded its business later, especially with accommodation, real estate to the point where its non-gaming revenue is sometimes higher than gaming revenue.

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation

Abbreviated LVS, the Las Vegas Sands is a company created in 2004 by billionaire Sheldon Andelson. It offers high-end resorts for privileged customers. The group alone owns more than 10 world-renowned establishments, including 4 in the United States. With 68% of casino operations on their activities, it has more than 2200 gaming tables and around 5800 slot machines.

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas owned by Las Vegas Sands Corporation

Each of the group’s establishments extends over thousands or even tens of thousands of square meters, and employs tens of thousands of people (about 44,000) making it a real economic heritage for this State, even allowing it to review lowering its unemployment rate.

The Wynn Group

It was founded by Stephen Wynn. Wynn establishments offer you a special gaming experience through the many entertainment options they offer. 59% of this group’s fortune comes from gambling alone. The group has more than 1000 gaming tables and more than 5500 slot machines: so if you are a fan of casino games, you will surely enjoy it.

Bellagio Las Vegas owned by Wynn

With more than 29,000 employees to their credit, Wynn Group establishments not only dedicated to gaming, also offer many other services. We can therefore find bars, restaurants, hotels but above all kilometric spaces reserved for casinos.

Like the groups presented above, there are several others who have made a fortune in the field. It would even be common to see alliances between these different groups on an establishment: This is the case of the Wynn and MGM groups.

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