How to choose the online casino to bet on?

Online casino games are increasingly popular with Internet users, professionals or not. Platforms keep emerging and it’s getting harder and harder to know which one to turn to. Fortunately, there are certain criteria that can tell you which casinos to go to in order to have fun with your favorite games in complete safety. We tell you everything!

How can you make money at an online casino?

Reliability criteria

Just like physically open casinos, online casinos must show their credentials both in terms of administrative authorizations and the reliability of the games offered.


In order to make sure that the platform you are visiting or wishing to visit is not underground, simply look for it in the list of certified online casinos. Indeed, in order to operate, these sites must have gaming and operating licenses that prove that they are recognized by the authorities.

game providers

Choosing a platform that sources from reputable publishers means guaranteed fun for gamers. By checking this information, you will already have an idea of ​​the standing of the games offered by the casino.

A quality player experience

Before choosing your site, make sure of the quality of the service that will be offered to you, both in terms of the toy library, the design of the site and customer service.

The games offered

The more diverse the games available on the platform, the more likely they are to appeal to a wide range of players. Some sites offer free casino game demos: try them to see if you like them before launching the paid version.

design and graphics

Appearance counts and online casinos are not exempt from this rule. The more the site gives the feeling “real casino” with realistic graphics, a neat presentation, good background sounds and even 3D effects, the more pleasant it will be.

Customer support

Although the technology is very advanced, it can happen that the sites encounter small technical problems. Customer support must act and support players quickly in terms of page bugs, game loading problems and other problems.

Customer support is a plus for any website and it is all the more so for casino sites where the games sometimes take place in real time.

Bonuses and winnings

Here, beware of scams because, although the bonuses and promises of winnings are attractive, it is always better to check the regulations and avoid the hassle.


These are offers that online casinos offer to potential players and active players in order to retain them. They can be very tempting, but before subscribing to them, remember to find out about the uses in order to avoid falling into traps. For example, you can go and watch what’s going on on other platforms.


Here again, caution is in order. Check the site’s payout rate to see your chances of winning. In the standard it amounts to 97% (or even more) and represents the share paid to the casino customer. Payouts may vary by game, however.

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