What do the images on the slot machines symbolize?

The game of the slot machine particularly attracts you but you do not really understand the meaning of the symbols illustrated on the machines? Do not panic, because you will find below the detailed meaning of the images found there. Whether it’s classic symbols or special symbols, stay calm, because we explain everything to you.

Meaning of standard symbols

Slot machines have been around for a very long time and have classic symbols that are original and known to everyone. Although it is true that today, slot machine manufacturers develop different themes on them, this does not prevent these symbols from being found there independently of the theme of the machine.

These icons can be: representations of playing cards (9, 10, J, K, A…), the colors of the cards (diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs), precious stones, fruits and berries, the BAR . The most famous of all is the Horseshoe which is a symbol of luck and can pay big. The other symbols are the bells, the seven, the stars…

The standard symbols each have an assigned value and they allow you to accumulate money when they form a winning combination of 3 or 4.

Example of symbol found on slot machines

Meaning of special symbols

Special symbols are often represented in relation to the theme of the machine on which you are playing; it can be Greek mythology, history or television… These symbols all have interesting effects on the machine because their appearance increases the winnings as well as the enthusiasm of the player. It is :


It is a joker, so it can replace the other symbols in the combinations or form its own which has a higher value. However, the Wild cannot replace Scatters, bonuses and special symbols.


Is a symbol that appears on any cell of the machine and in any combination to increase winnings, especially with “free spins” or free spins


This image plays a double role of Joker and Scatter. When it appears in the main line, it can be used as a substitute to complete a combination of symbols or offer free spins.


The bonus symbol is needed to trigger special machine spins to launch the slot machine’s built-in games and win other prizes.

The Jackpot

Represents the holy grail of this casino game. This is the maximum payout available for one round of play with the machine. To obtain it, you will have to manage to obtain a combination of 5 Jackpot symbols on the central line. On some machines, the symbol instead allows you to obtain a so-called progressive jackpot.

Giant symbols

These are larger variants of the basic symbols found in the slot machine. They are usually square and can be 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 of the main artwork sizes. Depending on their respective sizes, they occupy four, nine, sixteen and twenty-five positions side by side on the screen.


They sometimes appear in the lines of the machines and allow you to multiply the winnings. They can thus multiply them by 2, by 3 or by 4. Precisely, their symbols are represented by “×2, ×3, ×4”.

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